Information centre Amsterdam North/South subway

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Information centre Amsterdam North/South subway

Summary    Programmable full-colour LED indicators showing the route and current status of the metro line being constructed in Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Customer    Podium
Time    2 months
Components    427 LED controllers (model "Twinkler") with light pipes, solid-state PC (running Linux).
Description    The 427 Twinklers (LED controllers) are connected through a single serial bus. Every Twinkler has a low-power RGB LED with a controller and a power regulator. Each Twinkler on the serial bus can be individually addressed. A solid-state PC allows interactive updating. Light pipes transport the LED colour through a 36mm thick table top.

The colour and brightness of every LED can be adjusted individually, and dynamically

Detail image: the end points of the light pipes are flat with the table top surface

A glimp of the electronics below the long table: the inset shows the wiring from one LED board to the next

A few "Twinklers", the LED boards (with light pipe) that were used in this project

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