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Articles and application notes


The documents are organized into a few categories, even though several of these documents are related to several others. For example, the specification of the "FLIC file format is self-contained at first sight, but it is also the primary format of the EGI frame animation program and two non-standard compression schemes of FLIC files are discussed in a separate article. The articles therefore contain a few links to other documents (which may be in different categories).

Customers of one of our products may want to look specifically at our selection of "Application Notes, which discuss extensions and advanced use of the products. These notes supplement the manual(s) for the product.

There is a variety of articles published here. Most of our current on-line publications are "for engineers" (including "programmers"); they are also written by engineers. A few of our writings have been published as magazine articles. These articles themselves are not available on this site (as we sold the copyright), but we have links to the on-line article (when available) and links to errata and additional material to the original article.

All papers and articles on this site are copyrighted work. Many of the articles are licensed under a "Creative Commons License" (see the bottom for the applicable articles). For the remaining articles, all rights are reserved.