CompuPhase product information

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Product information


CompuPhase produces hardware and software products. A brief overview of our products is listed below. Note that CompuPhase can also develop customized versions of its products, or create products or applications per your specifications. Contact us for more information.

End products


DM440 audio player/controller

A high-quality audio player for a background music system, with daily schedules and automatic updates.

DM440 audio player
DM440 audio player

USB Pushbuttons, Dome Button & Interfaces

A series of large and robust buttons, connectable to a PC via a USB cable or via a wireless dongle.

USB Dome Button
Robust, waterproof, industrial button with USB link
USB Dome Button
USB Pushbutton
Panel-mount illuminated pushbutton
USB Pushbutton
Battery-free Wireless Dome Button
Wireless link, powered by kinetic energy harvesting
Battery-free Wireless Dome Button
Wireless Dome Button (battery-powered)
Dome button with wireless link
Wireless Dome Button (battery-powered)
USB Pendant Button
Pendant button on a flexible, nylon braided cable (3 m)
USB Pendant Button

Modules & semi-finished products


Programmable Audio players

Our solid-state audio players are suitable for embedding in scale models, game consoles and kiosk applications, as well as to be part of high-quality broadcast or narrowcast systems. These sturdy and high-quality players are programmable by the end user (or site owner) through a scripting language. As a result, the audio players can fit into almost any design for which you need high-quality audio.

Starling audio player, model H0430
USB and power amplifier
Starling audio player, model H0430
Starling audio player, model H0440
Ethernet and dual decoder
Starling audio player, model H0440

USB & Wireless Input/Output modules

The USB input module allows for capturing switch presses/releases on a workstation. This module is also used in our USB buttons.

The wireless relay module is a receiver module for the Battery-free Wireless Button, to switch devices from a distance.

USB input module, model H0700M
Single switch, optional LED output
USB input module, model H0700M
Wireless relay module, model H0738
Receiver for battery-free wireless button
Wireless relay module, model H0738

LED effect lighting

We offer a few lighting solutions for scale models, indicator lights, displays, or other functions. These products are based on high-efficiency LEDs.

Twinkler: programmable RGB LED
Twinkler: programmable RGB LED

Software products


CompuPhase actively develops and commercializes several software tools and development libraries. Most of them are targeted to programmers and professional end users. A few of our products are freeware or open source; other products are commercial. Full source code to our commercial products is usually available.

Programming languages and systems

icon EGO for Windows EGO for Windows
EGO for Windows is a very complete authoring system to develop applications for training, presentation and simulation.
Look also at the "Application notes on EGO, for detailed information that supplements the manual.
icon Small "pawn": embedded scripting language
Open source A tiny and fast programming languages for computer games, animations and embedded applications. It may also be used as a general scripting system.

Libraries and components (for developers)

icon for minIni minIni: a minimal INI file parser
Open source minIni is a programmer's library to read and write "INI" files in embedded systems. minIni takes little resources and can be configured for various kinds of file I/O libraries. minIni provides functionality for reading, writing and deleting keys from an INI file, all in a tiny and easy to port library.
icon Rosette Rosette - internationalize applications
Rosette helps with the creation and maintenance of applications that must be presented in multiple languages.
icon other products More libraries and components...
A few older software products of this categorie are listed here.

Applications & Utilities

logo Termite Termite - a simple RS232 terminal for Microsoft Windows
Freeware Termite is an RS232 terminal that is very easy to configure and use (developers can pre-configure it too, so that it runs out of the box).
icon PaletteMaker PaletteMaker - optimal colour palettes
PaletteMaker is a professional tool to create optimal colour palettes from a series of "True Color" images. The utility has many configuration options and uses state-of-the art algorithms.
logo RCS Browser RCS Browser - GUI front-end for GNU RCS
Freeware RCS Browser is a GUI front-end to the Revision Control System. For people working in a team, there are now better options for version control than RCS, but RCS is still a worthwhile option for someone working alone on a project. RCS Browser focuses on that scenario.
logo SYLT Editor The SYLT Editor - create/edit synchronized lyrics
Freeware The SYLT Editor is a self-contained utility to create or modify SYLT frames in an MP3 track (or, more accurately: a SYLT frame is inside an ID3 tag, which in turn is prefixed to an MP3 track). A SYLT frame contains text (e.g. the lyrics of a song) plus time-stamps attached to each line, word or syllable. Versions of the SYLT Editor are available for Microsoft Windows and for Linux.
terminal icon SvnRev - a programmers' tool for Subversion and CVS/RCS
Open source SvnRev is a little program that writes the current revision number of project into a C/C++ header file or a Java package file. This revision number is stored in constants (macros in the case of C/C++, both as a number and as a string. SvnRev is specifically designed for the Subversion version control system, but it can also be used with CVS and RCS.
    Most recent update: Support for the new "working copy" of Subversion 1.7; relaxed requirement for RCS keywords in source files (on Subversion 1.7 working copies).
icon other products More applications and utilities....
A few older software products of this categorie are listed here.

Electronic design

logo VisualPlace VisualPlace
Freeware VisualPlace assists in (manual or automated) PCB assembly. Component placement is extracted from files generated from the EDA suite —notably the Gerber files, the centroid file(s) and the bill-of-materials.

Screen-shot of the VisualPlace application The application visualizes the component placement and converts the files (with corrections, where applicable) for further automated processing. Creating placement information (with semi-automatic centre-finding for the centroid markers) is also possible.

Due to a plug-in architecture, VisualPlace works with many EDA suites, and more can be added.

logo Packages Packages
Open Source Packages is a tool to maintain a repository of packages of electronic components. It is developed with the goal that various applications use one and the same repository as a basis for their handling of packages.

Screen-shot of the Packages application The repository is in a well-documented JSON format, easy to parse in a variety of programming languages.

icon librarian KiCad Librarian
Open Source A utility to move & copy footprints or schematic symbols from one library to another, and to optionally adjust the parameters of these footprint/symbols. This program supports the KiCad EDA suite.