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Summary    CEL9 is an art project based on the telephone booths that have long been part of the street view
Customer    Wijd & Zijd Ontwerpers Stichting Kunstkring Artes Bussum
Time    3 wk
Components    Solid-state controller and audio player, solid-state relays, passive infrared sensors.
Description    CEL9 is an art project of the art circle "Artes" in the Dutch city Bussum. The project focuses on the concept of communication and illustrates this by using phone booths as the basis of the art forms. These phone booths were once part of the street view, but have now disappeared.
Each of the nine booths presents a theme that is related to communication. A tenth booth allows a passerby to select a theme, which activates the respective booth and plays one of many recorded messages through the phone handset.
Our involvement in the project is the electronics inside the phone booth, with the exception of the lighting.

The telephone booth used for the audio presentations and for driving the other booths

An overview of the other nine booths, each with its own theme

The new electronics embedded in the telephone booth

The logo of the CEL9 project

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