Power and control module for a GPS tracker

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Power and control module for a GPS tracker

Summary    A module that provides power to a GPS tracker and contains an immobilizer circuit
Customer    GlobeSpot Ltd.
Time    1 month
Components    DC-DC converter, diverse through hole and surface-mount components
Description    The primary function of this module is to provide the necessary regulated 5V DC tension for a GPS tracker, from a 12V or 24V car battery. In addition, the module can disable the relay for the start engine, from a signal of the GPS tracker. In practice, this means that the start engine can be immobilized by sending an SMS to the GPS tracker. The second prototype also includes a battery voltage monitor, to be able to detect low-battery conditions (e.g. for "long parked" cars).

First prototype — all through-hole components to be wave-soldered

Second prototype — mixed SMT and through hole; the circuit now includes a battery voltage monitor

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