MP3 Player H0410

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MP3 Player H0410

Summary    Delivery of an MP3 player with custom firmware, for mounting into scale models
Customer    Madurodam
Time    1 wk
Components    Adaptation of a professional MP3 player (our own design: type H0410) and the delivery of two prototypes.
Description    This sturdy MP3 player is designed for exhibition centres, scale models, game consoles and kiosk applications. The player has no moving parts (solid state) and it plays MP3 fragments from a Compact Flash card. Its successor, the H0420 programmable MP3 player is programmable by the end user (or site owner) through a scripting language. As a result, the MP3 player can fit into almost any design for which you need high-quality audio.

The MP3 player type H0410 (successor: the H0420 programmable MP3 player)

The H0420 MP3 player with an amplifier and a power unit

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