Scale model "Maeslantkering"

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Scale model "Maeslantkering"

Summary    Control subsystem for the scale model Maeslantkering, The Netherlands
Customer    Podium, Keringhuis
Time    1 wk
Components    A programmable controller, plus solid-state relays, all mounted on a DIN rail
Description    The electronic circuit for the existing scale model for the Maeslantkering was replaced by a new design —one that is more reliable, easier to program and to adjust and extensible. The circuit drives the pumps and the valves of the hydraulic system inside the scale model.

Scale model of the "Maeslantkering" in the exhibition centre "Keringhuis" in the Netherlands

The new electronic circuit: a programmable controller with a range of solid-state relays on a DIN rail

The scale model of the Maeslantkering in operation

The real Maeslantkering (photo source: Rijkswaterstaat)

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