Scheduling Music Player

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Scheduling Music Player

Summary    Scheduling Music Player with time/date schedule
Customer    -
Time    3 months
Components    H0420 MP3 controller; H0415E/2 Ethernet extension board; embedded script (pawn)
Description    A digital music player for background music in public areas. The music selection can be programmed and scheduled in various ways, and be based on date and time schedules. For example, the music player can select gradually more Christmas songs starting from the first of December and abruptly stop selecting Christmas songs after the 26th of December. The music player keeps all music on a strongly encrypted CompactFlash card (128-bit key). Updates to the music tracks or the schedule are done by either exchanging the CompactFlash card or by having the music player download new content from the network (e.g. Internet).

Front view of the digital music player

Back view of the digital music player

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