Information Centre "De Groene Poort"

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Information Centre "De Groene Poort"

Summary    Interactive audio and video players, activated by a sensor or a switch and equiped with a remote control
Customer    Podium, Brandwacht & Meijer
Time    2 wk
Components    Solid-state video and audio players, infrared sensors, remote control.
Description    For this exhibition, we provided and installed solid-state audio and video players in several objects. Since the media players would be difficult to reach after installation, all were equipped with a decoder for a standard infrared remote control.

An audio console. The inset picture shows the audio player during construction of the console.

The usual clutter of wires during assembly of the (interactive) video console. The inset picture shows the completed console (console built by Brandwacht & Meijer).

Skeleton of a sperm whale, inside which an audio player with infrared sensor is "hidden".

A detail of the skeleton, unveiling the audio player.

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