Railway museum

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Railway museum

Summary    Audio-visual effects in or near railway material, in the railway museum in Utrecht, The Netherlands
Customer    Brandwacht & Meijer
Time    3 wk
Components    MP3 controllers (model H0420), audio amplifiers, smoke machine, stroboscope spot, proximity and infra-red sensors.
Description    Four objects illustrating various professions on the railway were made interactive with electronics. The "brakes operator" feels the breeze of a (imaginary) moving train and hears the crunching brakes as soon as he or she tightens the wheel. The "fireman" hears the engine hiss and sees it spout smoke between the wheels. The "maintenance engineer" is surrounded by the well-known sounds from a metal workshop and the the flashes of a welding machine. The "driver" hears himself announce the next stop.

Loc No 13: the sensor, audio equipment and fog machine are, by intent, difficult to spot

Engine smoke (simulated by a fog machine)

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