Mobile exhibition "Backstage"

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Mobile exhibition "Backstage"

Summary    A mobile exhibition to inform and illustrate the careers in theatre business (actor, director, lighting engineer, costume design, etc.)
Customer    Brandwacht en Meijer, NorthernLight, Theaterinstituut Nederland
Time    1 month
Components    Solid-state video and audio players, various sensors (capacitive, infra-red, pressure), projector and computers.
Description    The exhibition consists of four units, each of which illustrates one of the stages in a theatre production. The units embed various interactive scale models, video presentations and audio clips, some of which are also interactive.
We provided and installed the electronic equipment for this exhibition.

One of the objects in construction, the various electronic components are connected with wire harnesses

Assembly of the projection table

An interactive show is projected on the table, sensors below the table let the player(s) make their choices

A one-way "dressing room" mirror with a video presentation behind it, plus a push button and listening handset

Experiment with building an atmosphere on stage with lighting, back-drops and music, using a scale model of a stage

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