Trison Audio Watchdog, model 5

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Trison Audio Watchdog, model 5

Summary    Audio monitoring, scheduling and playback system, for broadcast environments
Customer    Trison
Time    3 months
Components    H0440 networked audio controller/player; LCD (display); DSP and input selector boards.
Description    The Audio Watchdog allows you to remotely monitor the presence of audio on various inputs, such as analogue or digital audio inputs, streaming audio (Shoutcast/ICEcast and/or RTP), or playback from a memory card. The Watchdog can autonomously switch between these inputs (in case the preferred input is failing), or allow the user to remotely switch between inputs. Audio settings can also be remotely adjusted. Monitoring and control are available via SNMP or a web server (syslog is also supported, but it supports monitoring only).

Front panel of the Audio Watchdog

A view inside, showing the H0440 plus a stack-on board

Back panel of the Audio Watchdog showing all inputs and outputs

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