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Pawn for Pleo

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Pawn for Pleo

Summary    Adaption of the pawn programming language for the Pleo robot
Customer    UGOBE Life Forms, now Innvo Labs
Time    2 months
Components    The code generator of the pawn compiler and abstract machine were overhauled to switch to "position-independent code". This makes it subsequently a lot easier to run code directly from ROM (no relocation is necessary) and to support overlays with a pool system. Other modifications include more compact binary code, performance optimizations, improved support for ARM7TDMI processors and a flexible code overlay system.
The modifications in pawn are donated by UGOBE Life Forms under the same liberal open source license as the original pawn distribution.

Pleo: a robot in the shape of a baby dinosaur (Camarasaurus) from UGOBE Life Forms

Descriptions of sensors and joints (source: UGOBE Life Forms)

The box that Pleo comes in (source: UGOBE Life Forms)

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