Locatieoverzicht wereldkaart (world map)

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Locatieoverzicht wereldkaart (world map)

Summary    Presentation of over 100 locations with light spots via fibre optics, and an additional TFT display
Customer    Verhoef Aluminium Scheepsbouw B.V. Aalsmeerderbrug
Time    2 months
Components    Design of a world map from stainless steel on a base of anodised aluminium; construction of the fibre optics and the TFT display.
Description    Each fibre has a diameter of 0.7 mm. A "sparkle wheel" in the projector variates the luminance of the light spots in pseudo-random order, creating a vibrant effect. The TFT display in the lower right of the world map gives a (non-interactive) presentation of the company.

The finished world map with glass fibre lighting (with a 50 Watt projector)

Test with a 100 Watt Tungsten halogen projector (too bright)

The world map during construction, viewed from the back

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