Museum on the flood disaster

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Museum on the flood disaster

Summary    Programmable LED indicators for information centra and tourist attractions in the flood disaster area, The Netherlands
Customer    PBW Consortium
Time    3 wk
Components    Controllers (model H0420), 115 LEDs in 9 different colours, 16 current sources for LEDs, speaker, slotted light sensors.
Description    The 115 LEDs are arranged in 9 groups, where each group represents a kind of information centre or tourist attraction: nature, water sports, bicycle routes, ... With pushbuttons, the visitor selects a group and views the locations on the map.
A second object for the same museum is a simple "picture match" game.

The LED panel under construction, at the workshop of Brandwacht & Meijer

On site installation

First test (bad-quality mobile phone photograph)

A second object for the museum: a picture match game

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