Daemon server

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Daemon server

This product is made in the EU
DLLs for DOS

Daemon logo Daemon server provides run time loading and linking of drivers and function libraries under DOS. It allows device and code sharing, and run time loading and unloading of "daemons" (function libraries, drivers, ...), while taking very little overhead.

The evaluation version of Daemon server comes with a detailed manual in ASCII format, which compares daemons to statically linked libraries and against DLLs for Windows and OS/2.

The Daemon server evaluation package also includes a sample daemon and a program that uses the daemon. Full source in C (Borland or Microsoft) for these samples is provided.


Other daemons

SysInfo is a set of hardware and software detection routines. Among the components and peripherals that are detected are:

the video card serial ports
the keyboard type the processor and co-processor
mouse support the system bus type
memory size and configuration the processor mode
logical drives and their types PCMCIA support
parallel ports long filenames

See the manual of SysInfo for more information.


Tabula is a deamon that provides simple record input and output using standard text files. It provides both reading and writing to these text files. When writing, it supports insertion of a record somewhere in the middle of the file.

Tabula supports virtually unlimited file sizes (up to 2 GB) and very long records (up to 64 KiB).

To use Tabula, you also need the "Daemon server" package. The documentation that comes with Daemon server contains detailed descriptions on how to compile and link an application to use daemons.