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Applications & Utilities

logo Termite Termite - a simple RS232 terminal for Microsoft Windows
Freeware Termite is an RS232 terminal that is very easy to configure and use (developers can pre-configure it too, so that it runs out of the box).
icon PaletteMaker PaletteMaker - optimal colour palettes
PaletteMaker is a professional tool to create optimal colour palettes from a series of "True Color" images. The utility has many configuration options and uses state-of-the art algorithms.
logo RCS Browser RCS Browser - GUI front-end for GNU RCS
Freeware RCS Browser is a GUI front-end to the Revision Control System. For people working in a team, there are now better options for version control than RCS, but RCS is still a worthwhile option for someone working alone on a project. RCS Browser focuses on that scenario.
logo SYLT Editor The SYLT Editor - create/edit synchronized lyrics
Freeware The SYLT Editor is a self-contained utility to create or modify SYLT frames in an MP3 track (or, more accurately: a SYLT frame is inside an ID3 tag, which in turn is prefixed to an MP3 track). A SYLT frame contains text (e.g. the lyrics of a song) plus time-stamps attached to each line, word or syllable. Versions of the SYLT Editor are available for Microsoft Windows and for Linux.
terminal icon SvnRev - a programmers' tool for Subversion and CVS/RCS
Open source SvnRev is a little program that writes the current revision number of project into a C/C++ header file or a Java package file. This revision number is stored in constants (macros in the case of C/C++, both as a number and as a string. SvnRev is specifically designed for the Subversion version control system, but it can also be used with CVS and RCS.
    Most recent update: Support for the new "working copy" of Subversion 1.7; relaxed requirement for RCS keywords in source files (on Subversion 1.7 working copies).
icon other products Spool - send print files directly to a Windows printer
Freeware Spool is a small Win32 console utility that sends the contents of a file to the spooler of a Windows printer, bypassing the printer driver. The purpose is to send a raw print file, such as one produced by the "print to file" functionality of Windows and many DOS programs, to a printer.
icon other products REGDRV - instal kernel drivers in Windows NT/2000/XP/Vista
Freeware Kernel drivers in Microsoft Windows NT/2000/XP/Vista must be explicitly registered to be active. This utility,modelled after REGSVR32 (which installs in-process COM servers), is a simple program that does this. Its "silent mode" also makes it convenient for installing drivers from a script or a setup program. The .ZIP file contains a README with usage instructions.
      Recent update: the utility is now Vista-compatible, by adding a (self-signed) code certificate and privilege options in the manifest.
icon other products Palette Spy - view the system palette
Freeware The palette spy shows the current system palette. When running under Microsoft Windows 9x/ME, it also shows how the currently active "logical" palette maps to the system palette. This utility accompanies the article on the Microsoft Windows Palette Manager.