Miscellaneous products

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Miscellaneous products

logo MP3 Programmable MP3-player
A hardware product: this solid state audio player plays MP3 fragments from a CompactFlash card and monitors switches and external signals, under control of a user script. The player is programmable and it can easily be extended with (vandal resistant) switches and indicators, such as LEDs or an LCD.
icon other products Plug-ins for Pro Motion
Free software Pro Motion is a computer drawing/painting program with an emphasis on creating animations. CompuPhase developed a few plug-ins to automate repetitive tasks.
icon EGI Animation of the sisters Fanni & Tila
Free software A short animation about two fantasy puppets, made with EGI and AniSprite, in combination with the "Maximum MIDI" toolkit: the sisters Fanni and Tila dance on the beat of the "Lambada".
icon other products File conversion of Adobe "Filmstrip" to PCX
Open source A small utility, including source code, for converting the Adobe Filmstrip format (Premiere, After Effects) to an image in ".PCX" format. This application is a proof of concept utility that accompanies our description of the Filmstrip file format.
icon other products Drivers for the detection of the Vertical Retrace
Free software A pair of drivers for Microsoft Windows to detect the precise moment of the vertical retrace of a (CRT) display. This software accompanies the article that we wrote on the subject.

Plug-ins for Pro Motion

Pro Motion is a paint application with features to ease the creation of 2D animations. For example, Pro Motion provides a "light table" for onion skinning and a key framer to generate simple animations automatically. Pro Motion is marketed by Cosmigo.

CompuPhase has built two plug-ins for Pro Motion, one to support our animation engine EGI and the other originally for internal use. Both plug-ins are gratis. You will find installation instructions in the help file or a readme file in the ZIP archives.