The Chocolate Challenge

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The Chocolate Challenge

Summary    A mobile exhibition to illustrate the careers in the field of technical process management
Customer    Brandwacht & Meyer, BrandBase
Time    5 wk
Components    Solid-state controllers, servo motors, several sensors such as a "colour tracking" camera and a precision scale, relays, network equipment.
Description    The goal of the Chocolate Challenge is to separate a large bag of coloured "chocolates" in selected colours (in the exhibit, coloured marbles are used instead of chocolates) and fill bins with a preset amount of "chocolates". During the process, the two teams who run the challenge must monitor the feedback of the sensors and intervene on "incidents".
The complete system consists of four consoles. We provided the electronics and electro-mechanics for this project. Each console contains a controller that drives servo motors and monitors several sensors. The controllers communicate with each other via a local network.

Detail of the console for separating the "chocolates" using a colour detection camera, during construction

Detail of the console with the precision scale and the bin transportation, during construction

A detail view of the two shutters that allow one "chocolate" to pass through at a time

The "chocolate" separator/colour detector console on a first test, in the workplace of Brandwacht & Meyer

Overview of all consoles during the pilot test, at location

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