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Summary    Video console with a camera and telephone handset, with a wireless link to one or more display units
Customer    De Beuk Organisatieadvies
Time    3 months
Components    Panel PC with touch panel, network camera, rugged telephone handset, wireless link to a display unit with a 42" flat-panel display.
Description    The video-console has a network camera with a wide angle lens (brand Axis), a rugged telephone handset with automatic microphone gain control, a panel PC with touch panel and a wireless router to connect to one or more display units. Each display unit has a 42" flat-panel display (HDMI interface) that hangs overhead on a mobile stand. The console captures video clips in the M-JPEG codec (Motion JPEG) for ease of editing and compositing (without decoding step). During the sessions, the videos are also sent to the display unit(s) for projection to a wider audience. A "moderator unit" allows a moderator to filter out (or to emphasize) selected videos.

An engineer tests the console in the workshop, after assembly

Drawing of the components of the project (this artist impression was used in the design phase of the project)

Imitation may be the sincerest form of flattery, but as you may imagine, we were less than happy to find out about this video console using the exact same components as ours and running an unlicensed copy of our software

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