Exhibit "De Hoep"

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Exhibit "De Hoep"

Summary    Exhibit centre of PWN in Castricum, Holland with diverse objects (a.o. 'slot machine', 'water dispenser', 'speaking doorbells', light show, etc.)
Customer    PWB / PWN
Time    1 month
Components    Design, development and installation of control electronics (custom apparatus), embedded software, switches, handles, level sensors, MP3-audio, ticket printer, light shows, etc.
Description    In several objects we have used a programmable MP3 player of our own design. This MP3 player supports standard "Compact Flash" cards, to make exchanging the audio fragments a simple task. Additionally, switches, sensors and actuators (or external electronics) can be connected to the MP3 player directly; a control program embedded in the MP3 player drives the complete apparatus.

For example, the "Salt water level" demonstration is activated by two micro switches mounted at the construction. The "Talking dunes" use standard switches, but the MP3 player also controls the (tungsten halogen) lighting in the object.

The "Water dispenser" contains a ticket printer and a 2-line LCD for displaying the response to the users choices.

Display windows, lighted with high-power LEDs

"Slot machine"

Talking dunes

Salt water level

Salt water level, the construction (behind the panel)

Water dispenser

Animated light (6-channel chaser)

Industrial trackball

Entry of the exhibit centre "De Hoep"

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