Rosette: software internationalization

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Rosette: software internationalization


Rosette is a library and toolkit to create multilingual software applications. The design goals and the features of the library are best explained in a white paper. A subset of the tools from the toolkit is freely available. These tools are targetted at translators that need to add or maintain a language resource for an application that uses Rosette.

Downloads & license

Rosette is copyrighted software; the subset of the toolkit that is made available on this site, is free for personal and commercial use. You may use it and distribute it without limitations. You may however not remove or conceal the copyright. There are no guarantees or warranties whatsoever; use it at your own risk.

Rosette Tools 1.0 (919 KiB)
A self-extracting setup that contains a subset of the Rosette Toolkit, which is targetted at translators. The setup includes documentation.
Rosette White Paper
A white paper that explains the background, concepts and features of the Rosette library, as well as the intricacies of software translation. The white paper is in Adobe Acrobat format.

Rosette derives from our experience, over the years, in developing and maintaining internationalized software. We have worked with many of the off-the-shelf solutions for internationalized software —we feel that Rosette has important advantages over the alternatives and that it strikes the right balance between features and complexity. The design choices are explained in the white paper.