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General software development


A collection of technical articles that are related to software development in general.

SvnRev: stamp your applications with revision numbers
SvnRev is a little program that writes the current revision number of project into a C/C++ header file. It retrieves the revision number from keywords that the Subversion version control system maintains in the source code.
    Most recent update: Support for the new "working copy" of Subversion 1.7; relaxed requirement for RCS keywords in source files (on Subversion 1.7 working copies).
History of changes Rosette: internationalization through message catalogs
The Rosette library was an internal project to make internationalization of software easier and to improve the quality of the translations. This white paper discusses the backgrounds of the library and motivates why a cooperative effort of linguists and programmers is needed to achieve good translations as well as maintainable internationalized software.
    For translators working on applications that use Rosette, a set of tools is freely available.
Periodic Interrupts with the Real Time Clock
This is an old article that I originally uploaded to one of the CompuServe forums. It is now available here upon a reader's request. The example source code (int70.asm)) is in a separate file. It is quite possible that there has existed a second example program (in C), because the article mentions the need of a C compiler. That file is lost, however.
    Other than changing the e-mail address, I have made no modifications to the article (not even HTML formatting). So the article talks about 80386 and 80486 processors and about DOS and Windows 3.1. The RTC hardware has not changed since those days, however.