SYLT Editor: create or modify Synchronized Lyrics in MP3 tracks

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SYLT Editor: create or modify Synchronized Lyrics in MP3 tracks

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Screen-shot of the SYLT Editor
Screen-shot of the SYLT Editor

The SYLT Editor is a utility to create or edit synchronized lyrics (or text) that is embedded in an MP3 track. "SYLT" is a technical acronym for "synchronized lyrics or text", and a SYLT frame resides inside an ID3 tag. Many media players support synchronized lyrics, and a few stand-alone MP3 players support SYLT frames too.

Most editors for synchronized lyrics exist as an add-on (or plug-in) for general purpose media-players. The SYLT Editor is a self-contained utility, however, as it allows for closer integration of the audio playback with the time-stamp editing and a more logical user interface.

Some editors or plug-ins for synchronized lyrics save the lyrics in a different format, such as LRC files. The SYLT Editor, true to its name, creates and edits only SYLT frames, but it supports import and export from/to LRC files.

The SYLT editor was created with wxWidgets and it is available for Microsoft Windows and Linux.

Downloads & license

SYLT Editor 1.1 for Microsoft Windows (752 KiB)
The SYLT Editor as a self-extracting setup, for Microsoft Windows.
SYLT Editor 1.1 for Linux (198 KiB)
The SYLT Editor as an "autopackage" file, for Linux. See the Instructions for installing an autopackage file if you are new to autopackage distributions.

The SYLT Editor is copyrighted software that is free for personal and commercial use. You may use it and distribute it without limitations. You may however not remove or conceal the copyright. There are no guarantees or warranties whatsoever; use it at your own risk. Keep a backup file of the original MP3 tracks.


The SYLT Editor comes with a manual in PDF format. Please refer to the manual for detailed usage instructions. For an overview, read on...

Creating a new SYLT frame for an MP3 track is a two-step process. First, you enter all lyrics (or other text) for the track. Depending on the desired "granularity" of the synchronization, you can enter one complete phrase of the lyrics on a row, or put each word or syllable separately on a row of their own. In the second step, you add the time-stamps to the lyrics. There is one time-stamp per row. The way to enter the time-stamps is simply to play the MP3 track and tap on the space bar at the start of every phrase (or word or syllable, or whatever is on the particular row).

If you alread have an LRC file that matches the MP3 track, you only need to import it. If needed, you can then refine some of the time-stamps using the "tap-along" technique described above. Similarly, if you have a track with a SYLT frame, but for some reason, you need an LRC file, load the track and export its SYLT frame.

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