Battery-free Wireless Dome Button

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Battery-free Wireless Dome Button

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Downloads: Key Configurator utility 2.12.

The “Battery-free Wireless Dome Button” is a palm switch with a large mushroom dome. The Wireless Button connects to a workstation or PC via a USB receiver module, in the form of a “dongle”.

The Battery-free button has an energy harvesting generator, which generates electrical power from the mechanical button press. As a result, the battery-free button does not require any power source, unlike our “Wireless Dome Button, model H0731”. The advantage is clear: there is no need to ever replace or recharge the battery.

The dome is available in several colours.

The USB interface (dongle) is recognized by the PC as a “keyboard”. Microsoft Windows (and other operating systems) have intrinsic support for USB keyboards. No driver is needed (on tablets with a USB “On-The-Go” connection, an adapter-cable is needed). A software utility allows you to define which key (or key sequence) is transmitted to the workstation on a button press.

CE & FCC compliant
Battery-free Wireless Dome Button


The Battery-free Wireless Dome Button is a robust and splash-proof “emergency switch”-style button, for indoor and outdoor use. It transmits on the license-free ISM band of 868 MHz (Europe) and 915 MHz (USA, Canada, Australia/New Zealand).

As mentioned above, the PC or workstation recognizes the USB interface as a keyboard. Each connected wireless button is then configured to transmit a key combination (or a key sequence) to the PC. There is a free configuration utility for this purpose, see the Downloads section.

In addition to standard keys, that utility also allows you to configure a few extended functions, such as to function as a “play/pause” button on a remote control, or as a mouse button. You can also configure a button to transmit a sequence of key strokes to the PC, including key combinations with “Alt”, “Ctrl” or “GUI” shift modifiers. With a macro, a press on the button can start an application or open a web browser on a specific URL.

Up to six of these buttons can be connected to a single dongle, with each button (typically) configured to transmit a different key code. It is possible to connect multiple dongles to a PC, in case more than six buttons must be handled.

The base of the button has two holes of Ø5.2mm for mounting the button on a table or wall.


Dimensions   Base: 85 × 85 mm, height: 45 mm, dome diameter: 94 mm; total height: 101 mm.
Colour   Base: black & grey; dome: red, black, green, yellow or white.
Mechanical lifetime   > 106 operations
Mechanical mounting   Two 5.2mm mounting holes.
Operating temperature   -25 °C to +40 °C.
Degree of protection   IEC/EN 60529: IP65
Actuation force   30 N max.
USB interface/profile   USB “HID”, keyboard profile, configurable key code.
Power supply (button)   Kinetic energy harvesting generator.
Power supply (dongle)   Powered through the USB connection.
Radio frequency   868 MHz or 915 MHz (depending on model), license-free ISM band.
Transmission range   > 30 meters (unobstructed line of sight)
Switch latency   30 ms maximum, 15 ms average.

Accessories and variants

Black Dome Button
Black Dome Button
Yellow Dome Button
Yellow Dome Button
Green Dome Button
Green Dome Button
White Dome Button
White Dome Button
Wireless Button Interface Dongle<br/>For up to 6 wireless buttons.
Wireless Button Interface Dongle
For up to 6 wireless buttons.

Battery-free Button versus Wireless Button

The table below gives a summary of the differences between our battery-powered wireless button, model H0731, and the battery-free button (model H0736).

      Model H0731     Model H0736 (battery-free)  
  Power source     Lithium-Metal battery (expected life: 5 years)     Kinetic energy harvesting generator  
  Mechanical mounting     5.2mm mounting holes; 1/4"-20 UNC threaded insert     5.2mm mounting holes only (no threaded insert)  
  Actuation force     20 to 25 N     25 to 30 N  
  Key press modes     Pulse, reliable and macro     Pulse and macro  
  Required dongle     Model H0730     Model H0735  


Key Configurator utility. See also the Usage Guide.
  Microsoft Windows         Version 2.12      
  Apple macOS         Version 2.9      
  Linux         Version 2.12      

Battery-free Wireless Interface Specifications (the dongle).
  All systems         PDF file      

Battery-free Wireless Dome Button Specifications (the button).
  All systems         PDF file