Wireless Relay Interface

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Wireless Relay Interface

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The “Wireless Relay Interface” module pairs with a Battery-free Wireless Button. On pressing the button, the module closes a relay contact for a time span of 1 to 9 seconds. The relay contact is a potential free, mechanical contact.

Note: This interface is only compatible with the H0736* models Battery-free Wireless Buttons.

The Relay Interface has a USB C connector for 5 V power input. It is suitable for a USB power supply or powerbank. The USB port may also be used for control or programming (after connecting it to a PC or workstation).

CE & FCC compliant


The Relay Interface pairs with a wireless button. A simple procedure allows you to perform this pairing step. The Relay Interface will only respond to button presses of the button(s) it is paired with. Multiple Relay Interfaces may be paired to the same wireless button, and a single Relay Interface can be paired to up to four buttons.

A rotary switch allows you to set the duration for which the relay stays actuated, after receiving a signal from a wireless button. The delay is in seconds, and it can be set from 1 to 9 seconds.

Setting the rotary switch to 0 (zero) keeps the relay actuated until the wireless button is pressed another time. That is, a first press makes the contact until a second press breaks the contact.

The Relay Interface module can be mounted on a carrier (or base plate of an enclosure) by using the four 3.2 mm mounting holes, or using double-sided foam tape.


Even for a simple device like a remote-controlled relay, there are many possible use cases, but each with an additional criterion or requirement. For example:

All of these use cases (and more) can be implemented on the Wireless Relay Interface, with the help of a script. The module supports scripting in the pawn scripting language. An easy, visual programming system is included in the development kit (see Downloads).

Pawn Blocks: visual programming


Dimensions   62×30 mm, maximum height: 14.5 mm.
Mounting   Four mounting holes Ø 3.2 mm.
Operating temperature   -25 °C to +40 °C.
Humidity   5% to 95% non-condensing.
Power supply   5V DC, powered through the USB connection; 30 mA nominal when idle, 60 mA with relay actuated.
Switch latency   30 ms maximum, 15 ms average.
Relay contact rating   250 VAC / 30 VDC, 3 A continuous / 5 A peak.
GPIO pins   Output: 3.3 V, 4 mA; input: 3.3 V nominal (5 V tolerant), internal pull-up.

Layout of the Relay Interface

Accessories and variants

Plastic enclosure for the relay module
Plastic enclosure for the relay module


Wireless Relay Interface - Specifications
  General           PDF file      

Wireless Relay Interface - Development Kit
  Microsoft Windows         Version 1.0      
  Linux         Version 1.0